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  • READ THIS [UPDATE 1] Ender Realm - What's coming?!


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    Hi Prisoners,

    Season 1 has started off pretty nicely with a small and lovely player-base. I love that. We've been up and running for a week and it is time for an update. In this post, we are talking about what is coming, what is getting changed, what is being fixed and more.

    First off, the maintenance is going to be active this Saturday, 4th of April @ 8.00 AM (GMT). Servers are going to be down for approximately 3 hours and there will be an extra announcement on our discord server whenever the server is back up.

    I also want to mention the new GFX we got recently. If you didn't notice then we got a brand new server logo as well as a brand new server icon. I love them personally and the old art is now in the memories of OG players.

    :coffee:THE UPDATES!
    I know you all want to know what is coming, so here is a little list I made for you:

    • Added brand new monthly crates that are going to be sold @ shop,enderprison.net.
    • Added the Inventory Full message that was requested by the community.
    • Added PlayerVaults (/pv) that were requested by the community.
    • Added MineCrates which randomly spawn in mines and give rewards.
      • There are default minecrates & donator minecrates.
    • Added a bunch of new Vouchers to the store that can be bought as well as in crates.
    • Added a bunch of news and fun tags that can be accessed via /tags.
    • Added an anti-swearing system that disables cuss words in public-chat.
    • Added a brand new Daily Spin that can be spun every 24-hours via /dailyspin.
    • Added MineBombs that can be gotten from daily-spin, token shop, crates or the store.
    • Added AutoMiner that automatically mines blocks for you. It can be accessed via /autominer.
    • Added confirmation on item-dropping that was requested by the community.
    • Added a new and helpful hologram into /warp A that is meant to assist new players.
    • Added more voting links that you can vote at!
    • Added some new items to the store that can be accessed in-game via /buy.
    • Added brand new custom enchantments like JackHammer and Laser to /ce.
    • Modified the entire /shop menu with fair prices & new items.
    • Modified the Donator Mine ingredients and making it "fair" as requested.
    • Modified the /rules text that it gives.
    • Modified the block-reward messages & other reward messages to not spam the chat.
    • Modified the crate rewards in most of the crates to be worth the money.
    • Modified the 12-hour automatic restarts to occur every 8-hours instead to clear cache and make the performance smoother.
    • Modified the Chat Games rewards to give better and fair rewards to winners.
    • Removed the /autosell command from default rank and made it a donator rank for Ultimate and above.
    • Removed the Free prefix from the tab-list once you reach free. It will show as Z instead.
    • Fixed the AutoSelling in A, P and Donator Mines.
    • Fixed some issues with the GUIs now showing all information & placeholders.
    • Fixed an issue where players didn't see the MOTD when logged online.
    • Fixed the annoying "You are temporarily denied to join the server." message on right-click pickaxe.

    Do not forget to check out our other social media accounts to stay updated about everything that is going on. We also give in-game sneak-peeks on our discord server as well as twitter so remember to follow those!

    I am excited to see you all after the update online and grinding! Remember to give feedback to the developers.​