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    Hi Prisoners,

    This post contains the list of permitted & blacklisted mods and clients for EnderPrison. This list explains exactly which are allowed and not allowed. However, we recommend avoiding any hallse and using the regular Minecraft.

    Permitted Mods
    • Forge
      • Forge is a base-mod. Meaning that its only function is to allow other mods to work.

    • Optifine
      • Optifine is a mod that is mostly used for boosting FPS (Frames Per Second) and it is also used for other things such as connected textures, or optifine capes.

    • Better Sprint / Toggle Sneak
      • Better Sprint allows you to toggle sprinting and sneaking. This is basically already installed into Minecraft. However, it does not give much of an advantage and is mainly used for PVP.

    • Minimaps
      • Minimaps that do not show players or entities are welcome. Other than that, they're prohibited.

    • Shaders
      • Puts shading into the game. Increases visuals and overall makes it better looking with a realistic look to it.

    • Miscellaneous Mods
      • Mods that will edit things such as Font & Music are allowed. As long as they do not affect anything or give you an advantage in the game over others.

    • Lightning / Gamma Edits
      • This mod is used to remove the spread of lightning to increase your FPS and overall increases the brightness of your gameplay.

    • TabbyChat
      • This is a mod that cleans up the chat system. It will sort messages into different tabs and give you sound notifications when certain messages are sent.

    • Damage Indicators
      • It's a mod that allows you to see your opponent's health and how much damage you deal.

    Blacklisted Mods
    • Hacked Clients
      • If you are caught using any hacked clients such as Wurst, Jigsaw, Huzuni, etc. then your account will be banned permanently. Hacked Clients are made to give an unfair advantage over other players and it is not allowed.

    • Schematica (Printer)
      • This gives an unfair advantage of being able to build automatically and is not allowed.

    • Macros & Auto-Clicking
      • Macro is used to make an action easier than intended. As an example of this, placing an object / weight over your mouse to make you automatically mine, when in reality you are not clicking down yourself is not allowed. This can get your account permanently banned from the server and any auto-clicking software used will also get you banned.

    • BetterPVP
      • This mod gives you tools such as fast-eat and that gives an advantage over other players. This is not allowed.

    • X-Ray & X-Ray Resource Packs
      • Clients and/or resource packs that allow you to see through walls, etc. are not permitted.

    • Miscellaneous Mods
      • Name-Tag mods that allow you to see name tags from a distance is not allowed.