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    Hi Prisoners,

    Thank you for taking the time to read through the in-game rules. We want every community member to read these carefully so everyone would know the rules and respect everyone. The rules have been created to create peace in-game as well as to give every single player a pleasant stay at EnderPrison.

    No Hacked- / Cracked Clients, Modifications, Macros nor Scripts
    This can include, but is not limited to:
    • Clients
    • Bots that automate aspects of the game (auto-rotation, automatic placing, etc.)
    • Resource Packs that would be blacklisted (such as x-ray)
    • Drag Clicking
    • Butterfly Clicking
    • Scripts
    • Macros
    • Exploits that present similarity to a client
    • Raid Detection
    • Setting your attack key to something other than your left-mouse-button
    • Hardware modifications (rapid-fire buttons, double click buttons, weighting buttons, etc.)
    Using clients, resource packs, macros/programs, etc. that modify your gaming experience in any and give you an unfair advantage over other players against other players or staff will result in a ban without warning.

    Though alting is allowed, affiliated accounts to members who have broken this rule can be removed from the server through and alt-ban.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Permanent Ban

    No advertising of any sort
    Linking, referencing or naming another server or website that is not affiliated with EnderPrison is not permitted. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Screamer Links
    • Suspicious Links
    • IP Grabbing
    • YouTube / Twitch / Twitter Account Links
    We do understand that players love to stream and record videos and such. You are allowed to state that you are streaming in the public chat and if a player wishes to watch your stream, you can PM them your channel name. However, you are NOT allowed to advertise the name of your channel in public.

    Spam advertising will result in an immediate permanent ban and cannot be applied against.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Permanent Ban

    Spamming, Swearing, Racism, Discrimination, etc.
    Disrespect, Threats, Sexual and Derogatory Remarks, Spamming, Racism and Discrimination is strictly forbidden. Do not bypass the chat filter. Any remark to make anyone feel unpleasant or unwelcome is not allowed. We include anyone and everyone to the server.

    This includes inappropriately renamed items, skins and in-game names. That being said, we've put a chat-filter in place for a reason. Bypassing the filter in any way can result in a punishment.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal Warning
    SECOND OFFENSE: Formal Warning
    THIRD OFFENSE: 2-day Temporary Mute
    FOURTH OFFENSE: 7-day Temporary Mute

    No inappropriate content
    We are a server for all ages. Offering yourself, pictures of yourself to any player or staff member is not allowed. Directing sexual gestures and/or phrases towards others are not allowed. This includes inappropriate in-game names, buildings inside plots and skins.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal Warning
    SECOND OFFENSE: Formal Warning
    THIRD OFFENSE: 24-hour Temporary Ban
    FOURTH OFFENSE: 7-day Temporary Ban

    Glitches, Duplication, and Exploits
    If an exploit is found, you MUST report it to the staff member immediately. You are not allowed to share that information if anyone else and if shared, you will face consequences. Using a glitch or an exploit within the game to provide yourself and/or other players for an advantage will result in an immediate ban from the server.

    • Block Glitching
    • Item Duplicating
    • Teleport Glitching
    FIRST OFFENSE: 7-day Temporary Ban (if not decided differently)

    Scamming & Chargebacks
    Scamming is not permitted on the server. Players misrepresenting items for sale, offering to give an item in payment for actions and not following through when able, bait and switch are all examples of scamming. This includes renaming items as if they are something they are not, and teleport killing (eg. "tp for free items" but killing the player instead).

    In real life money scamming in which someone promises to purchase a server store item in return for in-game goods will result in a permanent ban. Purchasing ranks for any player other than yourself for in-game items or as a gift is strongly discouraged, though not bannable. Players who agree to put themselves in those kinds of situations and deals are putting themselves at risk.

    If the player were to chargeback, the receiver of the purchase would be responsible for the purchase and could result in your account being permanently banned until the funds are repaid.

    FIRST OFFENSE: 7-day Temporary Ban
    SECOND OFFENSE: 14-day Temporary Ban
    THIRD OFFENSE: 36-day Temporary Ban

    For Chargebacks:
    FIRST OFFENSE: Permanent Ban

    No Inappropriate IGNs or Skins
    As stated previously: Racism, Discriminations, Sexual, and Derogatory Remarks are not welcome. If a player is seen with an inappropriate skin or IGN, they will be banned until their name and/or skin is changed and an appeal is submitted.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Permanent Ban (until changed)

    Bypassing Mutes & Bans
    Bypassing a mute and/or a ban could result in the removal from the server. Wait for your ban or mute to expire and follow the rules, that is all we're asking for.

    Swatting, DDOS & DOX Threats
    Threatening to terminate and/or exploit another player or their internet will result in removal from the server. DDoSing is a federal offense and goes further than breaking a "standard minecraft server rule". Releasing player's personal information is exploitation which also goes outside of the game.

    Please remain calm, decent and formal whenever you are frustrated. If you cannot do that, simply log-off and do something else.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Permanent IP-Ban

    Ban Report Video Removal
    If you remove the evidence you have provided us and the report has been accepted, we will ban you for the removal of evidence. Please keep the evidence up at all times permanently. Set the video as unlisted or public to prevent punishment.

    FIRST OFFENSE: 7-day Temporary Ban
    SECOND OFFENSE: 28-day Temporary Ban
    THIRD OFFENSE: Permanent Ban

    Begging for items, etc.
    Staff Members are here to help out the community with things like updates, bug-fixing and other important duties. They are not going to give, give and give items every single time they're asked. If you beg a staff member for any sort of in-game goods, you will be punished.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Verbal Warning
    SECOND OFFENSE: 30-minute Temporary Mute
    THIRD OFFENSE: 24-hour Temporary Mute

    Staff Impersonation
    Attempting to impersonate a staff member by any means is not permitted and this includes changing your /nick to that of a staff member.

    FIRST OFFENSE: Formal Warning
    SECOND OFFENSE: 1-hour Temporary Mute
    THIRD OFFENSE: 48-hour Temporary Mute

    Extra Information
    NOTE! If you refuse to join a call with a staff member while frozen, log while frozen, delete files, history, change settings, amend or disable windows logging, start, refresh or end windows processes, alter game-specific logs or the like during or before a screen share will be permanently punished with a ban. You will not be welcomed on the server afterward and we will not accept your appeals.

    Any offense considered excessive, consistent, or persistent on the server could result in a ban / IP-ban.

    Breaking any of these rules could result in:
    • Formal Warnings
    • Temporary Ban (in-game, and/or the forums + discord)
    • Permanent Ban (in-game, and/or the forums + discord)
    Execution of punishment is up to the Administrators, Managers and Owners.
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