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  • ACCEPTED Hamorlinton's Staff Application

    1. What is your Minecraft username?:

    2. What is your discord (exa. James756#0001)?:

    3. How old are you?:

    4. What is your timezone?:
    AEST/AEDT (+11)

    5. Do you own a working microphone (Yes/No)?:

    6. Are you able to record your screen & speak when necessary (Yes/No)?:

    7. Have you ever been banned on any server before? If so, why?:

    8. Do you have previous experience with screen-sharing? If you do, please explain the steps:
    What I do is ask the player to remain logged into the server and contact me on discord. Once they have messaged me on discord I ask them to screen-share with me and once it begins I immediately enable my recording software incase I miss anything or need the evidence. I ask them to show me their Minecraft HUD, their Minecraft settings and I ask them to navigate through the settings a little bit if im unconvinced. If everything looks clear I finally ask them to open their Minecraft launcher so I can see what version they are running and then ask them to show me their versions folder in .minecraft to see if they have any downloaded clients.

    If everything looks like it is clear I thank them and apologise for wasting their time and then end the screen-share and stop the recording. Then I re-watch the recording to make sure I didn't miss anything and also send it to whoever needs the recording so they can also inspect it.

    9. Have you had any previous moderating experience?:
    I have had a lot of moderation experience. Below is a list of all the times I have had the following roles;

    Trainee - 1
    Helper - 6
    Jr. Moderator - 3
    Moderator - 4
    Sr. Moderator - 1
    Jr. Administrator - 1
    Administrator - 3
    Sr. Administrator - 1
    Manager - 1
    Co-Owner - 1
    Owner - 4

    10. Why did you choose to apply at EnderPrison?:
    I have always been eager to help new or resetting servers as it helps me get involved in a new player-base and make some new friends. I also love the experience it grants me. I am really excited to play on EnderPrison when it is released and I believe that I could be a useful asset to the team given my background knowledge on server development and moderation positions.

    11. How will you becoming a staff member positively affect the community and the staff team?:
    Something that's always hit close to home for me was being able to help people. Being able to use my time and energy towards something productive that can be helpful to people is something that I considered a goal in life for myself. I feel like with the helper position, players will look up to me in a way and come to me for help and assistance and that's a place I would like to be in with EnderPrison. Personally I believe that these are my greatest features of who I am and would prove to be quite beneficial to the community and server in the long-run.

    12. What makes you a better applicant than others?:
    I have no way of knowing what other applicants are capable of, however I feel my expertise is possibly unrivaled from the current applicants. I believe that many of the applicants who have already applied or who are going to apply soon are more there for the popularity benefit and the power that the position grants which with my above message is quite near the opposite of what I am here for. I also don't believe many players have the skillset and knowledge that I have when it comes to both moderation and development.

    13. Who or what influenced you to apply here?:
    It was actually the conflict in the chat that happened not too long before I made this application that influenced me to apply. Being just a regular member I feel that any thing I say or do would not make any difference to what was happening. However I believe as a helper I could of made a difference and better yet I would of refrained from both using my power and/or threatening with my power. I wish I could of done more to help the situation and this is my attempt at being prepared for the next time something similar or possibly worse happens.

    14. How long have you been a part of the EnderPrison's Community?:
    I have only been here a few days and I am less of a known member in the community however I plan to make a big change to that. I am hoping I can be an inspiration to the people in the community some day and I really want to be able to connect with all the users in the discord some day as well. That is my goal overall for EnderPrison.

    15. [Scenario] #1 ━ Moderating the Chat:
    Zach and Thomas are having a heated conversation in the chat and giving others an unpleasant experience. Other players are trying their best to calm things down but nothing works. What would you do?
    I would act differently depending on the situation as there are a lot of specific details that could change my outlook on the problem at hand.

    If it is just a purely "you're this, you're that" argument. I would try to calm the players down by making a group DM with the three of us in discord and try to help settle the argument down and get them talking rather than heatedly exploding at eachother. If this works then hopefully after minutes of working together to sort the issue out things can go back to normal.

    If this does not succeed I would then go to the next step and find ways to distract them from the argument, maybe start my own player-made event so they had something to do that would hopefully help them calm down and then proceed with step one to see if it works.

    If this still does not succeed then I would have to go the next step further i'm afraid and verbally warn them about the heated argument and politely ask them to talk about their issues in a DM together. Hopefully they listen and go ahead with the steps to sort out their problems.

    If the argument is still proceeding and they are not listening to my instructions then I would need to use /warn <player> Arguing with another player. After warning the both of them I would proceed with step one or two depending on how heavy the argument is.

    If the argument is still going and they are going all out, completely ignoring my instructions and warning and causing a disturbance to the rest of the players on the server then I would mute them both for 5 minutes and ask them to try and either ignore eachother or talk in their DM's to avoid the problems escalating any further then they have.

    If for some reason they begin their argument again after the mutes have expired I would extend the mutes with each offense.
    5 Minutes > 15 Minutes > 1 Hour > 4 Hours > 12 Hours > 24 Hours > 3 Days > 7 Days > 14 Days > 30 Days > Permanent Mute
    (If the guidelines suggest to mute at different intervals, I would of course follow the guidelines instead)

    16. [Scenario] #2 ━ Making Decisions:
    (You do not have /ban) You are a Moderator and have caught a hacker in action. The hacker is being annoying and disrespectful to other players. What would you do in this case?
    I would take the same chat moderation precautions as I did with the argument in the above scenario.

    If I have no way of banning the player, I would watch the player whether in vanish or not depending on my permissions and record every bit of evidence I can gather all while waiting for a higher-up to log onto the server and help me sort out the situation at hand. I would then send all of the evidence I gathered to the higher-up staff member so they can review it and see if I made the correct call or not.

    17. [Scenario] #3 ━ Multi-Tasking:
    There are various things going on and you are the only staff member online.

    1. There is a player accused of hacking and breaking the rules.
    2. There is a person advertising other servers in the chat.
    3. There are toxic people in the chat that are rude to others and being disrespectful, giving other community members an unpleasant experience.

    What would you do and in what order?
    I will be assuming the player advertising is advertising IP addresses.

    I would immediately permanently mute/ban (Depending on my permissions) the player advertising and note their IGN down. I would take a screenshot of the advertisement message and save it somewhere easily accessible.

    I would then follow the steps I stated in the first scenario given to me with the players who are being toxic in the chat whilst watching the player accused of hacking and breaking the rules in vanish (if I have the perms) and record all of the issues at hand. I would of already have contacted a higher-up considering I would not have the perms to handle this situation on my own and I would continue doing this until things calmed down and the higher-up is able to get online to help me handle the issues at hand.

    I would then send all my evidence to the higher-up so he can review it and make it sure it is authentic and legitimate.

    18. Do you agree that if you ask another staff member to read your application then it will result in an instant denial (Yes/No)?:

    19. Could you please tell us a little about yourself (hobbies, free-time, etc.)?:
    I dropped out of school this year to get into my Tafe course and COVID came before I was able to start the course so I was not allowed to begin. I have been doing a lot of server development and moderation in my free-time which comes up to nearly 18 hours a day with my current broken sleeping pattern.

    20. Do you have any questions for us or would you like to add anything?:
    Thankyou for reading, sorry if I got a little off track with some responses I tried my best to put as much detail in without talking about other things!
    I had to take out over 1000 words of information to fit the 10,000 character limit so if something in here does not make any sense please DM me on discord and I will explain what I actually meant. (I saved my old application before editing it so I can send you this if needed too)
    Hello @Hamorlinton,

    I think this is a very good application, jam packed with useful information and you have a great use of grammar.

    For that reason I will give this application a +1.

    Good luck!
    - ImHype_